Automatic moulding machine MMC-200


Machine MMC-200 use for the production of products with flat bottom made of cereal or muesli mixes.


In-built special devices for inside mixing

of the mass and unloading of molded products

Stainless steel, aluminum and special plastic

Folding cantilever type transporter

High speed molding on belt

Quick and easy cleaning

Minimum resetting time

Technical parameters:

  • Working width: 200 mm

  • Overall dimensions: H: 770mm, L: 900mm, W: 780mm

  • Speed: 1-10 m/min

  • Air consumption: 2 liter per minute at 6 bar

  • Electrical power: 380 V, 50 Hz, 1 kW

  • Capacity: up to 200 kgs/hour

1. Price compared to competitors
2. Ease of servicing
3. High output of 2 meters per minute or 55 rows per minute
4. Quick change of format
5. Compact machine
6. Integration into existing lines
7. The machine has a completely finished idea
8. Minimum time for training
9. Easy to operate and work
10. During changing of the format, don’t need to use any additional equipment
11. Easy to clean
12. The machine does not cut, means and does not break the product, the shelf life thanks this can be increased
13. Can work with syrup and chocolate
14. Because of the well-regulated temperature it can work on natural chocolate
15. Available sizes The machine is easily adaptable for both small business and large
16. Almost any shape can be produced on our machine.
17. Different wars of payment
18. Service
19. The arrival of a specialist and training costs
20. The basic set of 4 languages ​​includes Russian English German French
21. Testing problems via the Internet (remote access)
22. Telephone consultations
23. Temperature monitoring by zones is displayed on the monitor, temperature control within 0.2 degrees
24. Memory for 20 recipes in the computer
25. Adjusting the pressing of the product by time
26. Diagnosis of the machine on the display
27. Automatic level control