Caotech type CAO B2000

The installation Caotech type CAO B2000 is specially designed for the fine grinding of, chocolate, compound, coatings and bread-spreads. This installation is a combination of the ball mill type CAO C2000, pre-mixer / conche tank 500-lt. and circulation system. The ball mill, a low speed agitated type, developed for heat sensitive masses has a unique configuration between grinding shaft, grinding tank and grinding media, giving an optimum use of the grinding efficiency. The ingredient mixer / conche has an extraction fan placed on top of the pre-mixer / conche. This unit will remove volatile acids and moisture from the mass.

Ball Mill Caotech CAO B2000

a product circulation system; — 2.2 kW geared motor — frequency modulator in control panel — rotary twin blade pump, capacity of the pump is adjustable between 2.500 – 3.400 l/hr. (Max. distance discharge 2” pipe 3 meters vertical, 5 meters horizontal) — manually operated 2-way valve — jacketed circulation pipe / sampling valve — pneumatically operated 3-way valve a pre-mixer / conche;

Caotech Volume 500 litre / conche РМ-500Н:

— water pressure jacket max. 1 bar — — feeding tray — 4 kW electric geared motor — removable mixer shaft equipped with interchangeable paddles an extraction device — electric motor 0,03 kW — a control panel — main switch — soft starter — frequency modulator — ammeter — pushbuttons — relays

Year of manufacture – 2004.