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Angle (corner) conveyor

Application – transportation of the product through line. Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

SCM-2/12 Jelly Depositor eqiupment

  Application – moulding of jelly. Capacity: more than 300 kg / hour Power consumption: 10.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1680х1070х1700 mm Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

ESW-7 Group packaging machine for tablets

Application – group packaging of tablets. Capacity: up to 120 pcs / min Power consumption: 3.29 kW Overall dimensions of machine LxWxH: 1700х1300х1500 mm Overall dimensions of feeder LxWxH: 2200х1000х1800 mm Weight: 1220 kg Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

СТ Feeder to wrapping machine

Application – supply of sweets to wrapping machine. Capacity: ~120-300 pcs/min Power consumption: 0.3 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2100х1200х900 mm Weight: 400 kg Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

Cool tunnel elevator type

Application – sweet’s moulds cooling. Power consumption: 12.4 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 5200х1850х3150 mm Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia

B4-ShKV-75 (27-А) Cooking boiler

Application – dissolution, boiling food masses Capacity – 50-200 kg/hour Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1025х800х1456 mm Weight: 240 kg Manufacturer: Russia