Tempering machine for chocolate SW-TM


The whole process of the tempering is continuously, since the chocolate be pumped from the bottom to the top the different temperature zone melt the unstable crystal and leave the stable crestal in the chocolate. The more stable crystal you get in the chocolate, the higher quality chocolate you will get after the forming.

The tempering quality is not only for the pure cocoa butter chocolate, but also for the chocolate with a high percentage of milk fat or cocoa butter equivalents.



The high capacity machine for chocolate tempering

Touch panel control system for visual operating

High efficient design result lower energy consumption

High accurate chocolate temperature control system

Constant tempering performance, even with different chocolate infeed temperatures and/or throughputs

Each tempering unit in the ranges is the high quality machine for the chocolate to get the expected tempering quality.

Capacity 200-600 l/hour

Speed 21 r/min

Electrical power 3*380 V, 50 Hz, from 22 kW

Weight 600-1100 kg

Overall dimentions H:1600 mm, L:950 mm, W:850 mm (more re order)