Tempermetr SW-TR

Tempermetr is designed to determine the main indicators of the degree of hardening


The tempermetr determines the number of formed crystals of a stable beta form along the cooling curve.

The device serves to determine the main indicators of the degree, such as:
— Temperindex (the content of stable crystals in chocolate);
— slope of the cooling curve (slope) (at the crystallization point);
— The temperature of crystallization (the temperature at which the chocolate has turned into a solid state).

The task of tempering chocolate and chocolate glazes is preliminary crystallization, cocoa butter and its equivalents in it, in order to obtain
— shine;
— Hardness;
— fragility;
— aroma;
— homogeneous structure;
— long shelf life.
During tempering, cocoa butter in chocolate acquires a stable shape.
Final tempering is a crystallization only for the beta forms of 7 forms of crystals contained in cocoa butter.

Electric power 220 V, 50 Hz, 400 W

Readiness time 3 minutes

Measuring time 8 minutes



Cooling cup

temperature sensor

Sample cups for sampling

Printer for printing measurement results

touch control panel