Ultrasonic cutting machine

Ultrasonic cutting machine for bakery, cheese and cakes.

Ultrasonic cutting machine is compact effective machine which provide flexible solution for cutting a wide range of products. Ultrasonic vibration reduces friction resistance between the blade and food, and it makes the blade cut smoothly without deformation.

Key features:

Quality cutting

Ease of use of touch screen panel Different types of cutting patterns (rectangular, squares, triangles and etc.)

Technical specifications:

Blade: 300 mm x 260 mm Product depth: up to 140 mm Voltage: 380 VAC, 50 Hz, 10 A Power: 6 kW

Cutting speed: up to 1 cut per second Operator panel: functions include diagnostics, manual mode, password protection, settings (memory for 40 receipts)

Product loading: manual loading and offloading by operator.

Capacity: depending on product size and configuration.

Servo drives: Lenze