Section ‘Production equipment’

Klockner Hansel candy line

Klockner Hansel candy line included: —       CONTIGRAV 1030c automatic wegthing system —       Pump for syrop —       Dosing pump for milk mix —       Rotamat 3610 continuous thin film cooker —       SUCOMA 1707 unloading mixing system —       Cooling transport system with steel belt —       Strada 1500 forming line —       Electrical box —       Forming chain PE 2805 for candy —       Filling pump for candy with powder staff Capacity […]

Otto Hansel candy line

Otto Hansel candy line included: — Sucroliner continuous vacuum cooker — cooling steel belt — STRADA1200 forming line with tunnel Capacity – up to 1000 kgs /hour. Manufacturer — Otto Hansel GmbH, Germany

Wrapping machine for sweets GD 2500

Type of wrapper — «Foiling». Capacity: up to 150 pieces per minute Power: 3.6 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1800x1400x1450 mm Weight: 1300 kg Manufacturer: ACMA GD, Italy

Rose Forgrove 5 I.S.T Double Twist Wrapper

The 5IST double twist wrapper is designed to wrap a wide variety of different types and shapes of sweets, including solid and centre filled hard boiled lines, toffees, fondants etc. Technical Data Size of candy Length:     16 – 35mm Width:      13 – 19mm Height:      6 – 17mm Drive motor – 4 kW. […]

Machine for syrop cooking Solvomat type 126D

Machine for syrop cooking for a fully automated process, the pre-boiling and dissolve sugar. While stirring, there is dissolution of sugar with molasses with preliminary boiling in a steam-jacketed tank. Adjustable production of 180 kg / hour to 1650 kg / hour plus sugar syrup. The engine — 1.5 kW, 460 — 1420 rev / […]

Candy pulling machine (2 pcs)

Application – saturation of candy masses by air. Capacity: up to 1000 kg/hour. Overall dimensions LxWxH: 850х425х935 mm Power consumption: 3.0 kW Weight: 180 kg Manufacturer: Russia

Record D Sugar Mill

Application – grinding of soft products and products of medium hardness with a high degree of grinding. Capacity: 750-1000 kg/hour. Power consumption: 18.5 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 835х1100х1480 mm Weight: 1000 kg Manufacturer: VEBNossenerMaschinenbau, Germany

Vacuum Cooker

Application – cooking of candy masses. Capacity: up to 375 kg / hour Power consumption: 8.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2270х2440х2400 mm Manufacturer: Indonesia.

BOSCH HH 145A Vacuum cooker

Application – cooking of candy masses. Capacity: up to 3750 kg / hour Power consumption: 8.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2270х2440х2400 mm Manufacturer: Bosch, Germany.

SVA 4А Pefa Dragee dram (cooper)

Application – drops production Capacity: 56 kg / hour Power consumption: 2.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1570х1100х1850 mm Weight: 335 kg Manufacturer: Pefa, Poland.

DR-5А Dragee dram (stainless steel)

Application – drops production Capacity: 150-200 kg / hour Power consumption: 1.5 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1150х1000х1430 mm Weight: 170 kg Manufacturer: Russia.

B4-ShKV-75 (27-А) Cooking boiler

Application – dissolution, boiling food masses Capacity – 50-200 kg/hour Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1025х800х1456 mm Weight: 240 kg Manufacturer: Russia

LA 1, LA 2 Nagema Line for toffee and chewing candy

Application – production and packaging of toffee, candy and chewing gum. The line: ZK1, ZS2, EW5 Capacity: 500-800 pcs/min Power consumption: 16.7 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2300х580х1700 mm Weight: 2420 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

ZK 1 Nagema Rope moulding machine

Application – molding and lamination filled or unfilled extrusion of candy harness. Fill weight: 80 kg Power consumption: 7.9 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2300х580х1700 mm Weight: 700 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

ZS 2 Nagema Rope drawing machine

Application – draw filled or unfilled extrusion of candy or chewing masses. Feedrate: up to 80 m/min. Capacity: up to 1200 kg/hour Power consumption: 6.6 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1650х610х1410 mm Weight: 500 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.