Section ‘Production equipment’

Tempering machine Aastes AMC SuperNova 750P

Tempering machine Aasted AMC SuperNova 750P Application – tempering of chocolate Capacity: up to 750 kg/hour Manufacturer: Aasted, Denmark  

Melanjour Nagema EE-6

Application — mixing, weighting, plasticization, grinding of cocoa, sugar, milk powder, nuts LxWxH: 2380x2200x1950 mm Weight: 5300 kg Power: 8.6 kW Quantity of single loading: 250 kg Manufacturer  — Nagema, Germany.

Nielsen Enrobing machine

   Working width – 1200 mm Capacity — up to 300 kg / h Length — 2220 mm  Width — 2240 mm Height — 2000 mm Power — 16 kWh, three phases, 380 V, 50 Hz Functions and characteristics: — Enrobing of confectionery products — Enrobing only the top and only the bottom of […]

Enrobing machine Pescherin

Speed of belt – up to 5 m/min Working width – 800 mm Power – 9 kV Dimension size: length – 1300 mm                                width – 1630 mm                                height – 1950 mm Weight – 1000 kg

Conbar line for one layer bars

Application – Manufacture of one layer bars (nougat and etc) Working width:  400-600 mm Manufacturer:  Sollich AG, Germany

Eriksen chocolate lentils forming machine

Application — production of chocolate centres for small lentils Cooling water temperature: -15 C -25 C Manufacturer:  Aasted ApS, Denmark

Metal detector for conveyor

Application – identification of products in magnetic and non-magnetic metals, followed by rejection of products. Working width – 400-1000 mm. Power consumption – since 1.5 kW. Air pressure – 4 bar. Belt speed (adjusting) – 1- 4 m/min. Manufacturer – Shokolend, Russia.

Tempering machine Sollich 100FD

Application – tempering of chocolate Capacity: up to 100 kg/hour  Power – 3.5 kW Manufacturer: Sollich KG, Germany

Depositor One Shot Awema UDM-202

Application – moulding of chocolate sweets Capacity: 150-200 kg/hour Power – 5,6 kW Manufacturer: Awema AG, Switzerland

High-speed planetary mixer Tonelli

Application — High-speed planetary mixing system, in pressurized environment, with twin mixing tools. Designed for mixing different varieties of dough, whipping cream, meringue, etc. Bowl volume – 300 l. Power – 37 kW. 3 (three) speed. Manufacturer: Tonelli Group Spa. (Italy).

Caotech type CAO B2000

The installation Caotech type CAO B2000 is specially designed for the fine grinding of, chocolate, compound, coatings and bread-spreads. This installation is a combination of the ball mill type CAO C2000, pre-mixer / conche tank 500-lt. and circulation system. The ball mill, a low speed agitated type, developed for heat sensitive masses has a unique […]

Spinning Machine Knobel with 36 holder system

Spinning Machine Knobel with 36 holder system Application: manufacture of excellent quality hollow figures, balls, liqueur bottles and etc. Capacity: up to 360 moulds per hour, depends on the type of product and the ambient temperature. Manufacture: Knobel, Switzerland

Angle (corner) conveyor

Application – transportation of the product through line. Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

Record D Sugar Mill

Application – grinding of soft products and products of medium hardness with a high degree of grinding. Capacity: 750-1000 kg/hour. Power consumption: 18.5 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 835х1100х1480 mm Weight: 1000 kg Manufacturer: VEBNossenerMaschinenbau, Germany

Typ 1450/2.1 Nagema Cocoa Press

Application – pressing of cocoa liquor to obtain cocoa butter down to a residual fat content of the cocoa cake of 24 to 8%. Capacity: up to 1250 kg/hour. Power consumption: 6.5 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 8210х2500х3500 mm Weight: 23150 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany


Application – moulding of chocolate sweets Capacity: 150-200 kg/hour  Производитель: Knobel, Switzerland. 

Sollcih Enrober

Application – enrobing of confectionery, cakes, biscuits, wafers, sweets etc. with chocolate. Capacity: up to 1500 kg/hour. Feedrate – 1.0-1.2 m/min Belt width – 600 mm Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1250х1540х1600 mm Weight: 1050 kg Manufacturer: Sollich, Germany

SHOL Moulding machine for sweets

Application – production of jelly and sweets Capacity: 150-180 kg / hour  Power consumption: 1.5 kW Weight: 700 kg Manufacturer: Russia

NVH913 Nagema 3 Roll Refiner

Application – refining of chocolate masses Power consumption: 32.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2700х1600х2300 mm Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

SCM-2/12 Jelly Depositor eqiupment

  Application – moulding of jelly. Capacity: more than 300 kg / hour Power consumption: 10.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1680х1070х1700 mm Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

SW-CT Cooling tonnel

Application – cooling of chocolate layer on products. Speed of the product — from 0 to 4 m / min Power consumption: 1.1 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: (re order)х х1150х920 mm Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

ONE SHOT SCM-12/24, 24/48 Depositor

Application – molding of chocolate sweets in moulds. Capacity: up to 250 kg/hour Power consumption: 10.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1700х1680х1000 mm Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia. Eqiupment

Typ 850 Nagema Moulding plant for Hollow-Body Articles

Application – production of different chocolate articles. Capacity: 20-40 moulds/min Power consumption: 60.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 37500х4400х2770 mm Weight: 40500 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

912/2 Nagema Five Roll Refiners

Application – refining of any kind of chocolate masses Capacity: up to 600 kg/hour. Power consumption: 55.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1570х2570х2960 mm Weight: 6600 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

LTS-6 Nagema Tempering machine

  Application – for the tempering of chocolate masses Capacity: 500 kg/hour. Power consumption: 3.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1120х1120х2453 mm Weight: 450 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

СТ Feeder to wrapping machine

Application – supply of sweets to wrapping machine. Capacity: ~120-300 pcs/min Power consumption: 0.3 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2100х1200х900 mm Weight: 400 kg Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia.

Cool tunnel elevator type

Application – sweet’s moulds cooling. Power consumption: 12.4 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 5200х1850х3150 mm Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia

SVA 4А Pefa Dragee dram (cooper)

Application – drops production Capacity: 56 kg / hour Power consumption: 2.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1570х1100х1850 mm Weight: 335 kg Manufacturer: Pefa, Poland.

DR-5А Dragee dram (stainless steel)

Application – drops production Capacity: 150-200 kg / hour Power consumption: 1.5 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1150х1000х1430 mm Weight: 170 kg Manufacturer: Russia.

ТМ-250 Temperature collector with agitator

Application – tempering of confectionery masses. Working volume:  0.25.cub.m. Power consumption: 5.5 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1125х1306х1400 mm Weight: 905 kg Manufacturer: Russia.

Lloveras Universal 500 Universal turboconche

Application – conching of chocolate masses. Volume:  500 kg Power consumption: 20.2 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1500х2290х1200 mm Weight: 2070 kg Manufacturer: S.A. Martin Lloveras, Spain.

CZA 3000 Temperature collector

Application – temperature control and stirring chocolate masses Volume – 3000 l. Capacity – 750 kg/hour Power consumption: 4.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2000х1920х4000 mm Weight: 3500 kg Manufacturer: Pefa, Poland

Macintyre 3000 Universal turboconche

Application – conching of chocolate masses. Volume:  3000 kg Power consumption: 46.5 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 3350х2035х2280 mm Weight: 8200 kg Manufacturer: Macintyre, UK.

SP3, SP6 Nagema Chocolate Mass Pumps

Application – for the delivery of highly viscous media, in particular of chocolate masses. Capacity: SP3 – 3000 kg/hour SP6 – 6000 kg/hour Power consumption SP3: 2.2 kW Power consumption SP6: 4.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: SP3 – 600х500х1050 mm SP6 – 680х590х1310 mm Weight: SP3 — 190 kg SP6 — 290 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

CRT 3000 Nagema Dry Conche

Application – dry and liquid conching of chocolate masses. Capacity: Dry conching – 2500-3000 kg (8-12 hours) Liquid conching – 3000-3500 kg (8-12 hours) Power consumption: 75.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 3600х2300х3000 mm Weight: 7200 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

310 Nagema Differential Mill

Application – grinding of roasted cocoa nimbs or preground cocoa mass, hazel-nuts, peanuts or cashew nuts. Capacity: up to 1500 kg/hour. Power consumption: 57.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1825х995х1815 mm Weight: 1800 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

292С Nagema Spindle Mill equipment

  292С Nagema Spindle Mill Application – grinding of cocoa liquor Capacity: 1250 kg/hour. Power consumption: 47.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2100х980х2440 mm Weight: 2300 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

TS-14 Nagema Tempering machine

Application – for the tempering of chocolate masses with a fat content of at least 26% Capacity: 1200 kg/hour. Power consumption: 8.1 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2100х1100х1700 mm Weight: 1600 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.