Section ‘Production equipment’

OAKES Aerator

Application – aerating of cream and confectionery masses. Capacity: up to 50 kg/hour. Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1500х1500х700 mm Weight: 300 kg Manufacturer: B.C. Oakes Ltd, England

TROMP Spreads for cookies

Application — application of special raw materials for sugar cookies. Capacity: from 3 to 12 m/min Manufacturer: Tromp Bakery Equipment BV, Holland

Flameco holland wafers line

Application – Production of holland wafers Capacity: up to 250 kg/hour. Производитель: Flameco, Holland

KEHUA KHG-51 Wafer Line

Application – production of wafer sheets Capacity – up to 4500 kg/24 hours Gas consumption: 27 cub.m./hour Overall dimensions LxWxH: 30000х2000х2050 mm Weight: 21000 kg Manufacturer: KE HUA Foodstaff Machinery Industry and Commerce Co. Ltd, China

DMK-400 Universal double-Z mixer

Application – supply of sweets to wrapping machine. Capacity: up to 3000 kg/hour Power consumption: 14.75 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1020х800х700 mm Weight: 3500 kg Manufacturer: Germany.

SHAE-800 Fudge wipper

Application – whisk the sugar and syrup into syrup fondant.. Capacity: 800 kg / hour Power consumption: 11.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 3330х792х2290 mm Weight: 1635 kg Manufacturer: Russia.

WAE-3 Nagema Wafer sheet cooler

Application — wafer sheets cooling Capacity: 30 sheets / min Power consumption: 0.2 kW Weight: 305 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

G 30 Nagema Wafer oven

Application — wafer sheets baking Capacity: up to 900 sheets / hour Gas consumption: 34 cub.m./hour Overall dimensions LxWxH: 8175х1619х1937 mm Weight: 6840 kg Manufacturer: Nagema, Germany.

SW-CT Enrober

Application – enrobing of confectionery, cakes, biscuits, wafers, sweets etc. with chocolate. Capacity: up to 2000 kg/hour. Feedrate – 1.0-1.2 m/min Belt width – 800 mm Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1150х1840х1680 mm Weight: 1250 kg Manufacturer: Sweets technologies, Russia

KWS 3R-60 Wafer stick line

Application – producing rolled, cream filled wafer stick Capacity: up to 200 pcs/min. Power consumption: 14.0 kW Conbustion Gas Consuption (LPG): 27.6 cub.m. / 24 hours Conbustion Gas Consuption (LNG): 40.8 cub.m. / 24 hours Overall dimensions of oven LxWxH: 1900х2500х3240 mm Weight: 34500 kg Manufacturer: Indonesia.