Section ‘Haas Wafelmaschinen’

Wafer lines HAAS

Wafer line 1 HAAS TCM250 cream mixer with pump HAAS SWAK64 wafer oven. ALLGAS. Serial No 15497. Wafer sheet size 310 x 430 mm, capacity is about 36-38 sheets per minute HAAS TBK 2,0 arch cooler for wafer sheets, serial No 15498 HAAS WSTM cream spreader for wafer sheets – 2 to 5 sheets, one […]

Wafer sheet gas oven HAAS SWAK48G

Application — wafer sheets baking Plate size — 350×500 mm Capacity: up to 1400 sheets / hour Gas consumption: 900 MJ / hour Weight: 12000 kg Manufacturer: Haas Wafelmaschinen, Austria.

HAAS Spreads for wafer sheets

Application — deposition of fat mass cream on flat wafer sheets Capacity: 40 wafer sheets/min  Power consumption: 3.0 kW Manufacturer: Haas, Austria.