Section ‘Indonesia’

Wrapping machine for cutting and wrapping of chewing gum

Type of wrapping — fould Capacity: up to 500 pcs / min Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2250х900х1550 mm Power consumption: 4.6 kW Weight: 1250 kg Manufacturer: Indonesia.

Vacuum Cooker

Application – cooking of candy masses. Capacity: up to 375 kg / hour Power consumption: 8.0 kW Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2270х2440х2400 mm Manufacturer: Indonesia.

KWS 3R-60 Wafer stick line

Application – producing rolled, cream filled wafer stick Capacity: up to 200 pcs/min. Power consumption: 14.0 kW Conbustion Gas Consuption (LPG): 27.6 cub.m. / 24 hours Conbustion Gas Consuption (LNG): 40.8 cub.m. / 24 hours Overall dimensions of oven LxWxH: 1900х2500х3240 mm Weight: 34500 kg Manufacturer: Indonesia.