Nielsen Enrobing machine


Working width – 1200 mm

Capacity — up to 300 kg / h

Length — 2220 mm

 Width — 2240 mm

Height — 2000 mm

Power — 16 kWh, three phases, 380 V, 50 Hz

Functions and characteristics:

— Enrobing of confectionery products

— Enrobing only the top and only the bottom of the confectionery

— Removal of excess mass from the edges of confectionery products by directional air flow

— Removal of excess glaze from the bottom and smoothing of the bottom should be carried out by the vibrator and the tail roller

— Full enrobing with blow-out and without

— Speed ​​of grid movement is minimum 1 m / min, maximum 6 m / min

— Product height min. 60 mm max. 150 mm

— Compressed air system with a pressure of 6 atm.

— heating and maintaining the set temperature in the glaze bath;

— control of working level of chocolate in the bath;

— regulation of the intensity of irrigation with the top and bottom enrobing;

— regulation of temperature and intensity of air blowing products;

— adjustment of the modes of the infrared heater of the internal volume of the machine and the standby mode («night» mode);

— adjustment of the direction of rotation and speed of the roll-on roller;

— adjustment of the frequency and intensity of the shaker operation of the conveyor grid;

— the bath rolls to the right along the conveyor belt.


Manufacturer – Nielsen, Denmark.

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