We invite you to our stand at the exhibition «ProSweets Cologne 2018»!


From 28 to 31 January our company will participate in the international exhibition of suppliers for the confectionery industry ProSweets Cologne 2018.

We invite you to visit our stand A-008 in the exhibition center of Kölnmesse, Germany. At the exhibition ProSweets Cologne 2018 the department «Sweet Technologies» of the Shokolend Co. Ltd., will present the equipment:

Machine MMC-200, MMC-400 for the production of cereal bars and products from mixtures of snacks, muesli, extrudants with the addition of nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits and the use of a binder (syrup based on molasses, honey, yoghurt, etc.). This machine makes it possible to exclude waste practically during production, due to a special technology, has a high molding speed, and cereals are not damaged during production.

Forming machine RFM-200, designed to mold various products with a flat bottom of plastic masses (marzipan, fruit pastes, sticky masses). This machine is very compact and allows you to mold products with virtually no waste.

Mixer-mixer for products SW-MX.

You can get a ticket to the exhibition «ProSweets Cologne 2018» by following the link:



See you at our stand!


Department «Sweet Technologies»


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