Shokolend co. ltd  brand  «Sweet Technologies» is looking for different equipment for our customers constantly. In the presence of surplus equipment you can contact us with the offer of a direct purchase.

Using the experience and connections in the world of confectionary business, we are able to quickly and profitably sell your equipment. Often, customers are looking for the necessary equipment through us.

We are looking for:

  • Toffee lines LA-1, LA-2 (Nagema, Pactek).
  • Wrapping machines for sweets EU-7 Nagema, EU-7/3 Pactek.
  • Wrapping machine for sweets GD-2400.
  • Cutting and wrapping machine for toffee EW-5, EW-5/1 (Nagema, Pactek).
  • Line for the production of protracted cookies.
  • Depositor One Shot Awema, Knobel and etc.
  • Spindle mill 292C, 292B Nagema.
  • Wrapping machine for candy type EK Nagema, Pactek.
  • Wrapping machine for sweets Rasch RD.

Send information available about your equipment to the email address pictures, manufacturer, year of manufacture, dimensions, specifications, condition, photo of the final product, or use the form to send:

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